I am Vignesh KP, a 21-year-old young man with big dreams. My dream, passion and love are all about achieving and shining in that one thing in life, Photography. I wasn’t a photo freak from childhood nor did I have a clear passion to work towards it. I was a guy who was yearning to accomplish something in life. I was a guy full of thirst but zero ideas. Then I started taking pictures in my mobile to which I sort of got addicted to. When my friends appreciated me for the pictures that I clicked was when I actually realized that this was it. I loved photography and I was pretty good at it.

           Days passed by and my hunger for clicking pictures did not come to an end. Well, it actually ended up in me buying a professional camera if you ask me. And yes, it did take me a lot of energy to convince my parents to buy me one. At first, they were reluctant but later they supported and encouraged me to keep going for it. Me on the other hand, I was busy snapping all the time. Photography made me happy and trust me when I say this, “It’s so much pleasure when you start living your dream”. I found myself getting immersed while taking pictures.

           Altogether it gave me a different feeling that words and expressions couldn’t describe. I would literally be on cloud nine just by seeing the world through my lens in a totally different and beautiful view. It helped me with all the problems giving me peace of mind. Even Though everything went well I still had that craving desire telling me to prove myself, to become known. It kept me awake for days, thinking of what I could do that would help me achieve my goal and strive towards that unreachable star. Eventually, I managed to figure it out. There it was, a 365 days challenge. I made up my mind and decided to go for it. This turn in life started on January 1st, 2018.

           To everyone out there it may seem like “What’s so tough? It’s just a click every day!!”. But it wasn’t a very easy task and it took a lot of perseverance and determination to complete it. I had certain rules like non-repetition of pictures and timings that I would even keep a dead point to follow. You guys can imagine just one thing, chilling with friends or out with other work that you forget to upload a picture. And apparently forgetfulness is present in almost everyone’s list of daily problems and it was in mine too. So, when the clock ticks 12 and if I don’t have a picture then puff and gone. I would have lost my challenge.

            If my own rules that I live by weren’t enough to tense me up, there were always those few sets of people to discourage me and trying to put me down and another set whose level of expectations would hike every day. I had to live up to it. First, it was demanding and never ending but little by little and day by day I learnt to meet the demands and fulfil it. I kept going with the one thought that,

” I should look at the better me tomorrow”

          I ultimately and successfully completed the challenge on January 1st,2019. This is simply a start to everything that I would accomplish in the near future. So it’s my journey so far which still has a long way to go.