Photography has always been my greatest companion.Whenever I felt life was being rough, it proved me wrong. It has always given me the strength to embrace the hurdles rather than fearing it. Likewise,I have another experience which I would like to share with you here.

I was going through a phase in my life. At that time, I got a call from a member of the Photography Club of BIT and was invited as the chief guest for the Inaugural ceremony Memories flashed in my mind all of a second and took me to those days where i used to be the President of the club from 2018- 2019. That 2 minute call was so refreshing.

Entering the campus as an alumni made me feel special but what made me feel even more special was when I was are invited as a chief guest.

In my college days,we weren’t allowed to enter the campus without our ID cards and the same thing got repeated.I was asked to show my ID before entering the campus.But when I told them that I have been invited as a Chief Guest, there was a bright smile on their faces and their way of treatment me made me feel ebullient.

I have engaged myself in many stage performances but this time I felt so elated.I got a chance to meet my professors and all were proud of me. Receiving a momento feels normal but getting it from a beloved lecturer was something close to my heart . I received it from Staff cordinator Mr. Ram who has always been my biggest strength and support. It made my heart smile .

Success is when you enter the same auditorium as a chief guest where you had seen clapping for other chief guests over the years❤️